welcome to daniel robinson photography - Yateley wedding photographer


Anybody that knows me will tell you that I hate talking about myself! So please bare with me as I type this, I am struggling with what to say and I cannot make it sound fancy…..but, here goes!

I am a husband to my beautiful wife Charlotte and a father to my amazing two sons Thomas and Christopher. These three people are the driving force to everything I do in my life, I am just so lucky to have them. We live in Yateley, which is a perfect village town in Hampshire, on the borders of Berkshire and Surrey.

I recently got married, on the 2nd November 2018; I have been photographing weddings a couple of years prior to myself getting married and so it was quite a surreal experience to be getting married myself! I did not think it was possible but now I have experienced a wedding day myself, I love them even more!

Photography is a major part of my life, I truly love it and always have, ever since a young age. Where I would admire watching my grandad take photos all the time and enjoy going through his many photo albums. It all truly started for me by taking photos of my children as they grew up, which then led onto taking photos for other people, their children and even their beloved pets! The feeling of providing people with cherished memories that they can look back on forever (like I did with my grandads photos), is a feeling I can only describe as - MAGIC.

I am truly blessed to be able to photograph couples special wedding days and also to be a part of their wedding day with all their family and friends, resulting in me providing my couples with photographs to relive their day over and over. I have the opportunity to travel, experience new places and to also meet so many new people, in which I have been lucky enough to now call friends.

In my personal time, I am quite a private person, I like to spend quality time with my family and friends. Netflix is a subscription that is priceless in my world. I love watching a good series and my favourite of all time has to be Peaky Blinders! If you have seen Peaky Blinders you will know it is set in the 1920s and that’s probably what is the best thing about it, I love the old style and vintage feel. My photography style is very similar in that sense and many films also have had an inspiration to my work.

I love football, both watching and playing; I am also a massive gamer! All in all, I am a very chilled guy who enjoys the simple things in life.

I would love to hear from you, chat about your wedding plans, or if you just want to say hello you can contact me below!