Leo + Megan | Crabtree Plantation Engagement Shoot

I met Leo & Megan for their engagement shoot at a lovely location called the Crabtree Plantation which is located just outside of Basingstoke. It is a great location for a photoshoot as it presents lots of photo opportunities with plenty of wooded areas, fields with tall long grass and hills that look far and wide to the city of Basingstoke in the distance. 

We all started off at the entrance to Crabtree Plantation and began our walk through the wooded area, catching up with what we have all been up to recently and also catching up with how Leo & Megans wedding preparations were coming along. We walked, talked and took photos along the way - making sure we had plenty of fun!

The best thing about an engagement shoot is that it is perfect practice for couples to feel relaxed in front of the camera, to feel relaxed with being directed by the photographer and it enables everybody to feel a lot more confident in preparation for their wedding day. 

This is what Megan said about her experience: 

An engagement shoot is great as it gives you chance to meet the photographer and get comfortable with them. Neither of us are the biggest fans of having our photos taken yet we were made to feel at ease and it was really nice to get some really lovely shots together
— Megan

I had such a great time with Leo & Megan at their engagement shoot and I am SO EXCITED to be their photographer for their wedding day!